Communication and the D/s Relationship

Communication is such an integral part in a D/s relationship. Especially when, in an online relationship, communication is all you really have. I know that I can ask a lot of My subs, but if you make it out to be that you can handle a task, then I will push you to your limits. This is not to “break” you financially, though I do love to rape a wallet and leave a sub in tears, it is because you have set your own limits. ¬†When you come to serve Me it is to be made clear what your fetishes are. If they do not mesh with Mine, then W/we will obviously not work together. So when W/we set up these limits and figure out what W/we both want out of this D/s interaction, that is what I will go by until W/we (mostly I) decide it is time to step it up. I can understand that, though I should be your FIRST priority, you have a life outside of O/our online relationship and sometimes that will interfere with O/our arrangements. But this is when you need to trust Me and be open with Me. you should feel that you can trust Me with everything. More importantly, don’t burn abridge with Me. As expendable as you are, I am not so. Don’t get confused thinking you will be able to explain your way out of every responsibility I give you but if you need a bit of time to get something done, let Me know. I can be merciful and, if I want you to be a long time sub, I will not try and burn you out so quickly. It is all about finding a sweet spot. Something you will be able to manage on a regular basis. Communicate. It’s simple.