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I uploaded a vlog talking about why I haven’t put any clips up recently. so GO CHECK IT OUT IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU! Don’t be a fucking idiot and miss out on free videos of Me. Even if it is just Me rambling.



In other news

Now that this is set up, let Me tell you about this cr33p3r

So, a few weeks ago a guy started sending Me some emails about being a live in slave. Well I ignored them for awhile, and I finally emailed him back and told him I didn’t need a live in slave, but what else could he do for Me. he said that he would love to get Me things, but not just like things that I wanted. he wanted to buy Me things that I needed, like as if he were supporting Me. Okay, sounds good right? Of course. I start letting him buy Me groceries and I convince him that since My car had gotten broken into that I really NEEDED a new car stereo and stuff and he would literally get off to reading the receipts after I spent the money. he had this fantasy where I was his girlfriend and he was taking care of Me yada, yada, fucking yada.

Well things were all good and he was even paying to put gas in My car. I was tweeting at a friend (Nikki Domino, total hottie<3) and we were talking about meeting up around her area and hanging out and shooting clips. I get an email from the cr33p (who doesnt have a twitter, but felt like checking Mine on a regular basis without following Me wasn’t creepy) and he was like “I can’t believe that you didn’t even tell Me that you might be coming near My area” and all kinds of other bullshit. It was something along those lines. And so I let him know that he didn’t get the liberty of meeting Me, not to mention he was a fucking creep for freaking out because he didn’t get to know My plans? Like he was My fucking boyfriend or something? I mean he even went as far as getting the address that I send My packages to from My wishlist, calling the nearest wal-mart of that area, and asking them if they had certain gift cards. I was already super sketched out by dude.

Anyways I kind of blew it off so that I could take some more of his money (that is all I really cared about from him anyways, he was really weird and too creepy for anything else) and then he asked if he could have some ped egg flakes or toenails. Of course, I would have given those to him. But then he went as far as asking for My pubes (which are non-existent). Maybe not too creepy, though I let him know that I thought that was fucking disgusting and he had gotten to the point that I didn’t want to fucking talk to him anymore. I don’t know why but that really topped everything off. Like for all I know he moved to that area he looked up on My wishlist, and he sits in front of that p0 box hoping that I go there and pick up My packages. Mother Fucker is gonna make Me pack a fucking pistola. I’ll cap a bitch. word.

Anyways, slaves, learn from his mistakes and girls, make sure you watch out for yourselves. There is a lot of fucked up people in our world. I included pics of him so that everyone knows:)


This is starting to look a little better. It is never fun to have to start a new project completely from scratch when you like everything to look really good. Oh well, at least I will have something here for now.

Getting This Shit Started

Ugh so after countless hours of looking around at the settings available on wordpress, I have decided that this is the blog I am going to use. Well, this or I am going to actually use My livejournal. Hell, I don’t know what I am going to do. But I decided that there are a lot of little slutty boys that want a place to come and get all of My info to spoil Me, so I am going to use this. Enjoy!


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